Masters and Music

Masters and Music: a series blending artistic imagery and musical composition

Join fellow art lovers for a casual evening of entertainment. Enjoy artistic and musical insights in the intimate setting of the UNO Art gallery. Engage with the guest artists during the wine and goodies reception that follows.

2016-2017 Season - Tickets $15

Redefine: How we see and hear

Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 5pm
UNO Art Gallery, Weber Fine Arts Building


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In correlation with the UNO gallery exhibit “Sensory: Please Touch the Art,” Jamie Burmeister has challenged renowned local artists in a variety of media to create works that invite visitors with low or no vision to experience these art works using all the senses. Explore how a viewer can understand the meaning of a piece through multi-sensory means


The Polka Police perform an eclectic mix of humorous, high-energy, polka-themed rock and roll and “stupid, awesome” parodies.  The musical duo of Jamie and Jason Burmeister redefines how we listen to music. 


Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 5pm
UNO Art Gallery, Weber Fine Arts Building

REDISCOVER: Milton Wolsky

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PATRICK DRICKEY, Director, 1516 Gallery and NORMA HILT, Owner, ARTicles Gallery

Rediscover a home town artist whose silent national success is being celebrated in this premier art exhibition. In the UNO Gallery you will be surrounded by the works of Milton Wolsky, a painter and illustrator, who lived in New York City and studied with Hans Hofmann then decided to return home and do what he loved – make art. Hear about this mysterious scholar artist from Patrick Drickey who lunched with him and will share a poignant photograph of his last studio and from Norma Hilt who purchased his entire estate and serves as an expert, admirer and advocate of his legacy. These unique perspectives will reveal insights and open new understandings.

STACIE HANELINE & FRIENDS, UNO School of Music Faculty

Stacie Haneline will be joined by colleagues from the UNO School of Music for a special program of discovery and creative innovations. 

Past Seasons

2015-2016 Season

October 11, 2015  @ 5:00PM

Balance and Harmony

Iggy Sumnik
A former apprentice to Jun Kaneko and a Bemis artist-in-residence, Iggy uses repetition and distortion of objects from nature and culture to create colorful ceramics, sculptures, prints, collages and more.  Iggy has shared his knowledge with many of the arts organizations in Omaha.
Ric Marchio
Ric creates sculptural musical instruments like mandolins, violins, kalimbas and guitars. Using recycled materials and exploring alternate instrument forms and woods results in some interesting timbres which fit his eclectic mix of musical selections.

January 17, 2016  @ 5:00PM

Threads and Strings - See the Facebook event

Shea Wilkinson
Imagine drawing with needle and thread. Free motion quilting, as Shea Wilkinson labels her art, delves into imagery that evokes themes of the cosmos, nature, and science.  She has exhibited internationally and has won numerous awards for her intricate thread-based work.
Dr. Mary Perkinson
An avid chamber musician who performs on both modern and baroque instruments, Dr. Perkinson founded Sound Health which brings live music to the hospital environment.  She will perform a program that integrates themes of science, nature, and art. 

February 21, 2016  @ 5:00PM
Reviews, Reviews!!  - See the Facebook event

Bob Fishbach
well known Omaha movie and drama critic, Bob recently retired after filing nearly 3,000 reviews. He began writing movie and theater reviews in 1997.  He’ll share how to access films in advance of their opening dates and may offer his take on the Oscars!
Op Shop with Shelby VanNordstrand
UNO OpShop strives to tell the stories of opera and musical theatre through compelling performances. This performance class meets each week throughout the school year and is dedicated to bringing opera and musical theatre performance to the UNO campus and Omaha community.

2014-2015 Season

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fusions: Art and Technology

Jamie Burmeister and Zephyrus

Jamie Burmeister
Sculpture, Multi-Media
Dr. Tomm Roland and Dr. Christine E. Beard, Percussion and Flute

Jamie Burmeister, a commentator on the human condition, explores the humorous, the absurd, and the mundane. To say he works in multi-media is an understatement. Old technologies, including clay and bronze, are merged with new digital technologies such as 3D printing, sound, electronics and video.  Audiences are inspired to interact, question, laugh and even sweat! Christine Beard and Tomm Roland, active recitalists and musical innovators, have premiered three works for flute and percussion and have toured throughout the U.S, and, recently, Argentina.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Architecture: Memory and Prospect
Michael D. Alley and Carl Miller

Michael D. Alley
Carl Miller
Classical Guitarist

Michael Alley, co-founder of Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture, seeks to preserve cultural memory through the conservation and repurposing of historic structures.  His firm’s efforts have preserved the architectural character of many of our buildings including Kutack Rock, the Brandeis Building, and The Rose, while transforming them into 21st century functional spaces. Carl Miller, a graduate of UNO’s Music Department, will perform a collection of pieces from the Spanish classical guitar repertoire.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Patterns in Space and Sound

Susan Knight and Quince

Susan Knight
Painter, Cut Paper
Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, Soprano
Quince, Contemporary Vocal  Ensemble

Water!  Better yet, the scientific investigation of water is the source of Susan Knight’s artistic expression.  Through collection, deconstruction, and experimentation of water-related data, she creates artwork based on the unpredictable patterns she has discovered.  Similarly, soprano Amanda DeBoer explores pattern in the repetition of rhythm and pitch, forming cycles and waves of interlocking sound.  She is a co-founder of Quince which specializes in experimental repertoire. Performing with Amanda are Liz Pearse, Kayleigh Butcher, and Carrie Heineman Shaw.

2013-2014 Season

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Birthing Toons and Tunes
Jeff Koterba, Cartoonist, Writer and Musician
Jeff Koterba will seek to answer the age-old question: Where do ideas come from? He will share his view that that part of his brain, which produces his daily political cartoons, may also be the source of his music. Maybe ideas, the visual and the musical, all come from the same mysterious place.  Either way, be warned, the creative process can sometimes be scary, messy, and heartbreaking.  And yet, what often emerges is something new and beautiful. Jeff’s cartoons have been syndicated to over 400 newspapers. Some have even flown aboard the space shuttle Discovery. His band, Prairie Cats, has toured throughout the United States.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Giving Voice
Gerard Pefung, Painter, Urban Artist -- I, the Siren, Chamber Ensemble
Gerard Pefung came to the U.S. from his native Cameroon as a teenager in 2001.  Drawing on his rich cultural traditions, he has developed a distinctive style as a painter and a muralist.  Gerard designs events to encourage youth and the community to embrace urban art.  In 2012, he was recognized by the Omaha Entertainment Awards as “Best Emerging Artist.”  While Gerard gives voice to the community through his art, the trio, I the Siren gives voice to women and their historical role in the world.   Soprano Shelby VanNordstrand, and her partners Darci Gamerl on oboe, and Stacie Haneline on piano, present a unique repertoire and instrumentation that departs from the traditional chamber form.   

Sunday, March 2, 2014 @ 5pm

Treasures in Our Midst
Bart Vargas, Painter and Sculptor -- Brad Hoshaw, Musician
Bart Vargas uses salvaged materials to create works of art, blurring their everyday identity and transforming them into playful objects. His work provokes thought about an era of extraordinary consumption and waste, despite limited resources. Vargas has exhibited in major international competitions in China and Greece.   Brad Hoshaw, guitarist and winner of five Omaha Entertainment & Arts awards, is a full time performer/musician/songwriter.  Brad ’s sound is a blend of country mixed with seductive vocals and bittersweet Americana lyrics.  Some compare him to artists as varied as James Taylor and Pink Floyd. Vargas and Hoshaw, both Omaha area natives, are treasures in our midst!

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