About Us

Friends of Art (FOA) serves as an advisory/support group to the College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media at the University of Nebraska Omaha.  Its function is to assist in the identification and development of programs to maintain, enhance, and expand the visual arts mission in education, in the community, and in the field of art.
Specific areas of concentration include collaborative community efforts, educational enhancements, resource development, program advocacy, public relations, and increased visibility for UNO’s visual arts program.

Friends of Art Board

President: Robert Carlson
Secretary: Jean Sitzman
Treasurer: John Rogers

Board Members
Shelby Audiess
Sarah Brogren-Haynes
Josh Brown
Kim Carpenter
Angie Fischer
Pamela Conyers-Hinson
Shari Hofschire
Richard Kauders
Gloria Nelson
Ilaamen Pelshaw
Stephanie Plummer
John Rogers
Nick Spencer

Honorary Members
Thomas Majeski
Lenore Pollak

UNO Contacts
Associate Professor Jeremy Johnson, Unit Coordinator Art & Art History
Dr. Michael Hilt, Dean College of Communication, Fine Arts & Media
Maggi Baumgartner, Staff Assistant Art & Art History

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